Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here we go again.

Built on the remains of, this blog is meant to continue what the former was, without the support for the current Lotus F1 Team. Alas they have absolutely nothing to do with the spirit of Team Lotus. Therefore I will no longer write about each and every Grand Prix, but rather give my views on what is going on.
I intend to recover a few selected entries from the former, and this will take a week or so to be sorted out. 

Comments are moderated and as I have stated previously, fanatics and cretins should not bother to turn up. I am not an Alonso fan and am sick and tired of the spin given to the Formula 1 news by our national "Alonso Media Corporation", so biased that it would make a North Korean official feel embarrassed.
Vettel haters: An attitude beneath contempt
So "any-driver-other-than-Alonso" bashers should not waste their time turning up.

Stay tuned.

There is only one "MAGIC": AYRTON SENNA